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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Back to Business?

Back to business is a community based initiative designed to save jobs and save lives by helping small business owners get the necessary support from their local community to save their businesses.

How can I participate?

You can register your business to get support. You can register to save business in your community through patronage or donation. You can also register to recommend or promote a business/businesses to attract the needed support.

Save jobs. Save lives
Why should I join the Back to Business Challenge?

Small Businesses drive the economy of every city. They are the backbone of every community. We encourage individuals, organizations, government agencies and NGO's to support a business/businesses in every way possible to save lives, jobs and for a safer community. This is the time to be our brother’s keeper because everybody has a role to play to save jobs and save lives.

Business & Support

Who is eligible for help?

A business owner that needs patronage or a business owner that needs small donation.

What are recommendations?

A Back to Business recommendation is a testimony/comment by a friend or a customer or a neighbor or a well-wisher certifying the credibility of a business.

Do I have to pay to join the Back to Business platform?

No. It’s free.

Can I add as many businesses as possible?

As a business owner, you are to register one business that needs support.

What if I only need people to patronize me?

You can choose the patronage category when registering your business.

For a business that has been helped, how will I know?

Once a business receives a donation, it will reflect on the business profile and on the audit page.

Can I support other businesses outside my community?

You can offer your support to other businesses outside your community. Just select a location and search for the business that you want to help.

Is there a limitation to as many businesses I wish to support?

You can support as many businesses as you can, within or outside your community.

Is there a restriction on the type of business I can register?

Any business can register provided that it is a legal Business.

Who can apply?

The platform is open to all small and medium enterprises.

Do I have to pay for me to be patronized?

You don’t have to pay for customers to patronize your business.

Why small business?

Small Businesses are the backbone of every economy. When you save a small business, you save lives, you save the economy and you keep the community safe.

Is back to business a government scheme?

No. Back to business is not a government scheme. However, the government can still get through to businesses through this platform.

Do you collect commission or charge for registration?

We do not collect commission and registration is absolutely free.

How do I receive my funds/donation/loan?

The individual or organization who chooses to help your business will contact you to discuss how to get their pledge to you.

I don't own a business. How do I promote my neighbor's business?

You can help other business owners to sign up.

Can I register a business outside Africa?

Yes. You can register a business from anywhere in the world.

Why do I need to create a campaign?

For your business to attract the funds it needs from a donor, you have to set your funding goal and provide all information that will appeal to a donor. To create a campaign, go to your profile, click on “Create a campaign” Fill out the field and publish your campaign..

We are permanently closed as a result of Covid-19 can I still benefit from this platform?

Yes. Helping you to get the needed support and bring back your business is one of the key objectives of Back to Business.