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Support a business today and save the economy.

About Back To Business

Back to business is a community-based grassroots initiative designed to save jobs and save lives by helping small and Medium Enterprises affected by COVID-19 to get the necessary support from their local community to save their businesses`.
That nearby go-to store, eating spot, cool bar, laundry, fashion house, or saloon in your neighborhood are all in crisis now as a result of the negative impact of COVID-19.
Some businesses have already run out of cash to support basic daily operations and staff salaries. Some of them have already shut down their businesses, others have sacked most of their staff. The few businesses that are still running operations are at the risk of shutting down with sales are down by over 70%.
Small businesses in your community need you now more than ever to survive. They need you to help them get Back to Business.
They need you to buy from them so they can increase sales and have the cash to run basic operations. They need a small donation from you to enable them to bring back their business and save jobs.

“Small businesses in your community are counting on you to stay afloat in these difficult times. Help a household in your neighborhood today by supporting a business.”

Small and Medium Enterprises drive sustainable growth in communities and they are the backbone of every economy. When a small business is saved, jobs are saved, lives are saved, the economy is saved and the overall well-being of the community is improved including security.
Back to Business is engineering a social change across communities where everyone has a critical role to play in the economic development of the community.
Join Us Today. Let's Give Businesses a Fighting Chance